Wednesday, September 15, 2010

5 Days…5 Paintings…Can I Do It?!

So, here’s my challenge. Paint 5 paintings in 5 days. Not super detailed ones like I usually do. I want to buy 5 different shaped canvases, take 5 different things I like, and just paint. No thinking, just letting loose and paint. I have an awful time doing this, but this is exactly why I am giving myself this challenge. I have themes for each of the 5 days. Here are a few of my ideas… one painting in bright colors, kinda abstract, one monochromatic in my favorite color, one in just whites and creams (pretty much monochrom, but this is basically no color at all), one in black and white (which is kinda going to be black, white and silver, one of the beach in just teals and creams, one for Mono, one with something to do with running, one for Fall, with only earthy tones…. that’s my list (eight there, but what the heck! Maybe I’ll end up with more than 5 paintings!)!! I am pretty much all done with today’s painting and I have the backgrounds of two more painted also. One of those will be for tomorrow. I will try to post a picture of each tomorrow! :) I wish I could paint now, but I really have to go to sleep. I have to be up by 6am. :/ Not something I am looking forward to.  Good night and let the challenge begin!

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