Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Official. I Am Ready For Fall.

With the temperature staying steady in the high 90′s in mid September, I must just be in denial or something crazy, that fall is not arriving when it should be. I was in the car, driving with my Mom, just a few days ago and the temperature read 102. Crazy. Actually, beyond crazy. But in my little world, it’s officially going to begin the Fall season, on time. So guys, on Thursday, the 23rd, it begins. I arranged my Fall nail polishes, picked out a fresh new lip gloss, took out my scarves (the lighter weight ones) and turtleneck shirts (again, the lighter ones)… and well, my jeans, but they are out year round for me… even on hot 96 degree days like today. :) I know I may not be wearing the scarves or turtlenecks just yet, but just seeing them out is comforting. And the real test of knowing summer is now ending, the last flickers and scents from my Sun and Sand candle are burning out. Autumn Leaves, bring it on! :)

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