Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scents of our Home 248.365

 These shelves are one of my favorite little pieces of our new home.
They aren't painted yet... I haven't had a free moment... what is that by the way?
I have some things sitting on them, not necessarily to stay, but to get a feel of what will eventually find a permanent home there.

Some of my favorite cookbooks are out there and will be staying. They are there for good. I am really going to enjoy cooking in our new home! I cannot wait!
 Mon and I each have a new candle to burn in the new house. 
I haven't wanted to burn them until we move in and can fully appreciate their scents.
I think we are going to have to flip a coin to see who wins for the first lighting!

Along with my candle, I am really looking forward to filling our beautiful picture frame with a picture from our wedding.

Mono's espresso machine has found its home in our new kitchen!
Unfortunately, as much as I adore the smell, I truly can't stomach the flavor.
I look forward to mornings (and evenings; it doesn't effect his sleep - weird) where our home is filled with this wonderful aroma.

This new home is going to fill all of our senses, and today, you got a peek into the scents of our home.

Morning smell: freshly brewed coffee
Noon: our candles burning sweet scents
Night: Home-cooked dinner

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