Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day Sales

Mono and I have known this day was going to come.
We prepared financially... and mentally, to spend the money we were going to have to.
The previous owners of our new home took the washing machine and dryer so we had to go on the hunt for new ones today.
We went in and out of stores all afternoon and we finally made our decision around 5:30.

Let me back up a bit...
We started the day at Costco; lunch, gas and pricing around.
We came out of there with 2 of the 3 items on our list...
A set of house phones and a vacuum.
I hate vacuuming.
It's boring and it kills my back (I messed my back up when I was 15 - horse bucked me off while riding).
Well, today we bought a purple amazing vacuum and I love it.
I think I may actually enjoy vacuuming!
Yikes, did I really say that?!
But it doesn't kill my back like a lot of them do.

So after we made our first purchases, we went around to do more pricing.
We ended up with a really good deal on a fun washing machine and dryer.
I think I may actually enjoy laundry even more than I do already!
Laundry isn't such a hassle. 
I was kinda wishing those pedestals that they sell came for free.
Those would make it even nicer on my back so I didn't have a ton of bending.
Bending is what hurts my back.
But they're pricey and we left without those.

 Then we picked up a bed frame for our new mattress.
And home we went.

I came home, set up the new phones, put the vacuum together, played with the vacuum did some vacuuming, scrubbed some shelves and lined them, put stuff in the pantry and tidied up some odds and ends.

Unfortunately we had to dish out a bit of money since these are big items, but they were going to be much needed in the next month or so.
I'm so grateful that we are able to have these items too.

So, Labor Day Sales Hunt = success! 

Besides our shopping around today, we stopped at our house to work on it and let Mono use the high-speed internet for his fantasy football draft he's doing with my family.

I worked in the house, then hung out on my comfy couch watching tv and pinning while I waited. He's done now and we can go grab some dinner!

Hope you all have a very happy Labor Day!

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  1. Fun day! We make a good team getting this stuff done :)