Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sleep 249.365

If you want to know how to get a good night's sleep, certainly stay far away from me!
I don't sleep well at night.
This little guy does though.
He sleeps well at any time!
Any time except when the new change came...

Being that I have problems sleeping, I move around from bed to bed, to floor to couch... which means so does the J. 
He sleeps with me.

I had been sleeping on the couch in my room for a long time, but that has recently been moved to our new house so I am back in a bed.
It's fine for me, but not for my little cuddly boy.
He can't jump up or down and that is a big no-no for him.
The first night I started sleeping on the bed instead of the floor, he went nuts.
He literally flipped out.
So, he now sleeps at Mono's house every night.

During the day, when I am working upstairs, he is perfectly fine and content laying on my our blankets.

He's the funniest little guy and I just adore him, quirks and all! 
They make him the J that everyone knows and loves!

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