Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Drive with My Boys 251.365

Today Jimmy, Mon and I took a drive to our new house.
Mono wanted to spend some times getting things done and hanging out so he picked us (Jimmy and I) up and we took a lovely drive.

It was a beautiful day and Mono thoroughly enjoyed an hours drive with all the windows opened. 
Jimmy loved it too.
So did I... but my hair didn't. ;)

Look at J's face!
He loves going for rides and his best buddy... the best of both worlds!

Jim has lived in our home here nearly his whole life (all but just a couple months) so he is not adjusting to the new house all that well. It is going to take time for him I am sure.
Everyone asks who he is going to live with when Mono and I get married in a few weeks.
I say he has joint custody with Mon and I and my parents. 
It breaks my heart (and theirs) to know that a choice had to be made.
He really will live with Mono and I, but I can't handle knowing he won't have time with Mom and Dad.
There will be lots of visits and lovin' with them!

We had a great day today.
It was beautiful, we got a lot done and have a lot of fun!

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