Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do You Know How I Got These Scars? (From Mono's Favorite Movie - Dark Knight)

Mono: What's this?
Mare: A scar.
Mono: How did you get it?
Mare: A bullet.
Mono: Where did you get it?
Mare: In Birmingham.
Mono: Where?
Mare: Downtown.

Makes me seem like I'm living on the wild side or something, doesn't it? 
Sounds like I'm roaming the streets downtown at night, in the not so good areas.

Mono, thanks for making me laugh - scar and all.

P.S. I was not shot... even though Mono's little chat with me made it seem that way. It is just a leftover scar from a hot shell hitting me at the range. And I was not roaming the streets downtown. Just at the range. With Dad, a retired cop. :) And my Mon. :)

Again Mon, thanks for the laugh!!!