Monday, September 5, 2011

Loving This Rainy Day! 246.365

Mono and I had planned to take a drive to spend the day working at our house.
Lee joined us. ;)
This was our drive down... and this wasn't the worst of it. 
You'll see the worst of it a few pictures down.
We made it to our house... 
Got a lot done.
Went out to dinner (southern BBQ!!)...
And came home to no electricity. 
We were basically done at the house anyway so we drove back here.
One of the best parts of the day was my outfit!
I've been dying to wear my wellies!
And I love my little white raincoat.
It was the perfect day for this choice of clothes.
 Here's where you can see some of what all this rain has caused...
I quickly snapped this while we were passing by, but that is a normal road... with cars nearly completely under water!! 
Honestly, I don't know how people can be so dumb as to drive through such deep water!

 Since we lost power at the house, we had to make an emergency stop at a local place with wifi.
Mono had a fantasy football draft that was going to begin and of course that can't be missed! :)
And now, I am listening to the wind and rain while all cozy on my couch, snuggling with the J and sipping some of the best chocolate milk ever made!
Mono makes the BEST.
I don't know what he does, but it's really so good... and I'm not just sayin' that.
He even makes designs inside the glass to make it all pretty when he serves it! 
What a lucky girl I am!

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