Thursday, October 10, 2013

the 2 minute commute

When the Hubs and I were dating, he lived in my town, rather than the town his job was located in, which was an hour away. He could have easily moved to an apartment closer to work, giving him two entire hours to add to his day. He chose extra time with me during the week over no commute. When the two of us got married, we purchased a house close to work... two minutes (on a heavily trafficked day, which is basically never) away. I was overly grateful he offered up his weekly hours to live nearby when we were dating, and now he is being rewarded! I know a lot of guys that would love a two minute commute. Heck, who would love a 20 minute, traffic-free commute! Tonight, as he walked in the house and chased the boys around and played with them, I stopped and thanked God for the gift He gave our family of no commute for the Hubs. He has at least two full hours with them before bedtime and then time in the morning with them before work each day. And since we live so close to work, we are able to pop in during the day when the little men are running errands with me. I love that his job doesn't take up more time than needed. He goes to work, loves his job, does great work, and then he is able to come home and have a lot of family time. It's what our family needs and wants! Sure, he could probably have a job in some other big corporation, make mega bucks, but I am sure that job would have a long commute, late nights, lots of meetings, and a not-so flexible schedule. We are blessed and are very thankful for the employers he has. And I am thankful that my Hubs is not money-hungry, status-oriented, or a workaholic. I am thankful he respects his job, loves it, but loves family time even more! 

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