Wednesday, October 9, 2013

48 miles in october

I always see people posting " ___ miles in ____ (given month)" and I have always wanted to run along with them. So when October came around and Ashley posted on her instagram account that she was running 48 miles in October, I jumped at the chance! I thought it would be doable if I ran 4 times a week, running about 3 miles per run. I didn't plan on longer runs because I do it during nap time, and like to fit a shower in with it, so this was reasonable. And the incentive at the end was a new pair of jeans, which is desperately needed! I was running on schedule, and loving it, though honestly having to push myself some mornings, but now, I am on day two of being pretty much immobile from neck/back pain. My parents and the hubs are taking care of the little men for me and as I sit on my heating pad, I watch the miles pile up that I need to run by the end of the month. Hoping I get better soon enough that I don't have to run 5, 6, 7 miles a day to catch up! If you are interested, check out Ashley's instagram page and you can also follow along with Marta's instagram for the initial inspiration for where Ashely and I both got the idea for #48milesinoctober. 

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