Tuesday, October 15, 2013

hello, new york!

Growing up on Long Island, I always had a special pocket in my heart for the great city of New York. I am not the best person to get around the city alone, so I end up like a tourist most visits. When Gus and I were up in the northeast for our Summer visit, we spent part of the time in New York visiting my family and my best friend. We met up with my godmother and one of my cousins and walked around the Battery Park area. I had driven through the area, but never spent time walking around. I have to tell you, it's beautiful. It is the perfect mix for my liking! Greenery and tress and concrete. Perfection. There were families walking through the little parks, young boys playing football on a field in the middle of the city. I loved it. We had such an enjoyable day together. My cousin knows a heck of a lot more about the things to do in the city than I do. So does the hubs and my aunt. They have all the cute little spots. One of my cousins was lucky enough to call this area home for a few years up until recently. How fun is that? So, once we arrived, we met up and headed to meet up at the Shake Shack for lunch and then walk the city. After my aunt and cousin headed out to make a visit to my grandfather in the hospital, Gus, the little men and I headed to see the progress at the site of the World Trade Center area and then walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. There were a few other sites I wanted to take the boys to, but it was getting to late and a bit dark. Next time. The boys loved people watching, looking at all the tall buildings, and lights. I can't wait for future trips to the city with the boys as they grow up.

Look at this lady's office. Pretty nice desk space if you ask me!

This boat was beautiful and so sleek. The pictures don't do it justice.

This is one special and incredibly handsome kid! He's just naturally this cool. If I had a candid photo taken of me, I'd probably be slumped over with my hair in my face... or something embarrassing.

The hubs and I love visits to NYC!

Family photo!

I truly love spending such precious time with family when we go back to the northeast. It is becoming more and more special as the boys grow bonds with the family I grew up in. I love watching their little relationships form!

The handsome hubs was soaking up every bit of the city skyline before we headed back down south, to a more countrified atmosphere. He is a real city boy and I am lucky he loves me enough to make the south his home!

Taking the boys to such a historic site was a really different experience for me. The rest of the city is fun to look at, but here they are, in this area that has so much sadness, so many memories, so many stories, and so much history, none of which they are aware of. They will never know this place like I did, only with two massive holes in the ground now as a memorial to so many lost lives.

This is such a beautiful memorial and it is almost just too much to take in at once. Part of me wanted to smile at it's beauty, yet there was such sadness as I pushed the boys along the walls with thousands of names listed. Each person whose name is on the memorial left behind memories and loved ones, with a life so horrifically taken from them. I prayed for them as I walked by, wishing I could touch each name and pray for each soul and each family individually. I would still be there, but I know God heard the prayers. September 11th was such a devastating day in our country, in our world, both personally and as a whole. Most of us will probably never forget exactly where we were and what we were doing when this happened.

They put a white rose on the person's name when it was their birthday. Happy Birthday, Edward Saiya.

My aunt and cousin brought the boys birthday balloons and we lost one over the Brooklyn Bridge.

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