Friday, July 12, 2013

this or that?

tea or coffee? sweet tea cold, cafe con leche hot

matte or glossy? in pictures, glossy

sweet or salty? i'm a real combo girl - pretzels and m&ms = perfect match

tv or radio? that's a real hard one. i would have to say tv if i can only pick one.

morning or evening? morning

pen or pencil? pen, preferably a LePen

introvert or extrovert? introvert until i get to know you and i open up more

mountain or beach? BEACH

spontaneous or structured? i need structure or else i am a mess, but i'm not too good at it

neat or messy? i'm not dirty, but if you ask the hubs, i make little piles in little places - so i guess that is a bit messy, but i'm not a slob.

town or country? that's a hard one. i like a little of both. i love the beautiful countryside, yet i love a quaint town

eat in or take out? i'm not the best cook. i have a few good dishes, but that's about it. and by dinnertime i'm usually exhausted. last night was take out. but overall eating in is best.

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