Friday, April 27, 2012

Things Are Changing Around Here

Within a short time, our house is going to be given a whole new look... a baby look. There will be baby things all over. Neatly, of course. We are still trying to finish projects in our house, but most things will be put on hold while the babies take priority.
The biggest thing will be their bedroom. Currently it is a guest room/office and hang out area for Mono. He's going to be shipped out, along with all his fun belongings. 
Thankfully we have another guest room. That room has two twin beds and also a large desk. Mono and I could easily hold all of our fun and office-type belongings, but neither of us enjoy hanging out up there when we are on the computer or I am doing bills, etc. We will put his fun things, maybe the tv, and things that aren't office-like, in there. 
We've been talking about adding a small, streamlined space on the first floor. We want to do it for as cheap as we can... and it might involve my very first trip to Ikea!!! I have never been there before, but the desk we found might be best purchased from them (for size and price). And my goodness, I am so excited to see the store I've always heard people talk about.
We will each have an equal space... him on one side, my space on the other.
I am dreaming of exactly what little things I want to keep in my section.
My computer, iPod, planner, address book, mailing supplies, checkbook, a filing area, a note book, cute note paper and pens and pencils, a little note book for important info... Oh I am just sooo excited and I can't wait for this project to work out. We arranged a few things to make sure it would work in the space we are looking to put it in, and all looks a go from here! Fingers crossed!
I'm hoping we can at least start this weekend and then during next week, I can accessorize and work on the finishing touches. 
Mono and I are both excited about this. I hope it can come together somewhat quickly. It all depends on when the Ikea trip can be made. It's not right around the corner. This will involve a day trip.
I'll be sure to keep you updated and I will post as soon as I have it done, or maybe even while it is in the works!

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