Friday, April 20, 2012

The purse challenge

If I haven't said it before, I am a huge purse addict. It's on the verge or over the line of being a sickness. At least that is what I am told. I can't help it. I think it is in the blood because my grandmother is the same way. They don't have to be super expensive. They can be from Target and I am happy. Of course the pricey ones are very nice though... 
There are a few brands I have many of and a few that I can only dream of having.
I figure once the boys arrive, I will be solely using my diaper bag.
I am not sure I am going to want to carry a diaper bag and a purse. 
So my days with my precious bags are limited (for the most part).
I want to get to using all of them before August/September when they arrive, but at the same time, I want to make myself wear the same bag for 30 days straight.
To a lot of people they probably do that normally.
You might just have one favorite bag that you use all the time.
Well, I have too many favorites.
I like to switch it up with my outfit or mood.
Sadly, I've been known to even change my purse mid-day.
Sad. I know.
Maybe I shouldn't have admitted that.
So, do you think, now knowing my sad addiction, I can pull of wearing the same purse for 30 days?
Maybe I should start with a week. Wear the same purse all week long. And if I can survive that, I can add on another week and see how long I can go.
I don't have much faith in myself to be able to do this, but I may try... go one week at a time.
That seems reasonable, doesn't it? 
Currently I'm using my Vera Bradley Hipster in Island Blooms. I love that pattern. It makes me feel like I'm living in Florida!
But what if I wear a purple outfit? Can I get away with keeping this purse with me?
I can't make my outfits fit around my purse all week +.
Do you love something like I love purses? Accessories, shoes, makeup??
I love my accessories and shoes too, but shoes are hard for me. There are so many I love, but for many reasons, it's just not practical for me to have such a love for them.

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  1. Oh heavens. Just reading this post. I suffer from the same purse addiction. I very often change my purse a couple of times a day. I bring the same Vera Bradley bag to work every day (this baby but change it out if I am stepping out. My purse has to match my mood, the setting of wherever I am going, and my outfit. You are a brave woman for undertaking this.