Friday, April 20, 2012

Family Pool

We've have plenty of pool parties in our family, but this family pool is a first...
It's a baby pool.
My family and close friends are making bets in different categories on the twins.
Will they be boys or girls, or one of each?
How much will they weigh (total together)?
How much will I gain and how much will Mono gain?
What will their birthday be?
What time of day will the be born?
You get the picture. 
It's funny to see everyone's picks and it will be loads of fun to see who wins!

At this point, we know the genders... and only a few people guessed that part right. 
Two boys wasn't the favorite, but it was very obviously the winning answer in the ultrasound pictures!

I love my family.
My family I was born into, married into and chosen at heart.
And I know these two little boys are going to be so crazy loved by all of them!

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