Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flying away...from my couch!

I need to get away... far, far, away from my couch. I have spent the past few months learning exactly how morning sickness felt. I haven't gotten out much at all except for a few random little outings. Staying inside also gets to me. I feel so cooped up, yet I don't have the energy to do much. I need to fly away... or drive... to my element, my happy place. We have a trip lined up in the near future and I am really looking forward to getting away before I am huge and can't go anywhere far! To have a week to just relax, soak up the beach, salty air, eat yummy food, visit a few places we love, is making my heart soar! Is that crazy? Is it crazy that the beach can do that to me?
I am hoping that this time away will rejuvenate me and give me a good boost for the coming months.
I'm also hoping to see my sweet friend while I am down there. Fingers crossed we can make it work!
And before the trip to my element, I get to spend a quick visit with lots of my family and friends!!! I can't wait to see everyone! Oh it will be lovely.

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