Thursday, April 19, 2012

My heart skips a beat for colors like this!

It's a distinct color. 
One all of it's own. 
Like a box from Tiffany's.
One that makes your heart skip a momentary beat.
The doorbell rang and there in the postman's hand was that pink color I knew so well.
I probably had a very confused look on my face because all I could think was, "Now why would I be receiving a box from Georgetown Cupcake? Who could it be from?"
I had yet to see that it was actually in fact from Georgetown Cupcake, but I didn't have any doubts.
I thanked the nice man and closed the door... then ran to the kitchen to open it.
 That is when I noticed it was from my friend, wedding photographer, and fellow G-town Cupcake lover.
Figures. Why was I surprised? She is ah-mazing. Really. She never disappoints. Never ceases to amaze me! I just love her. It's a good thing we don't live nearby each other, because she'd actually be able to see my obsession/crush in person. 
I have them on the boys shelf already, waiting for them to be able to wear them! Now won't that make for cute pictures! Boys in their cupcake onezies, Momma eating a cupcake!!! There is not a single doubt in the world that these babies of mine will be introduced to these lovely confectionaries once they are old enough to eat them!

Megan, thank you for your constant, never-ending kindness. You are a treasured friend.

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