Tuesday, October 25, 2011

To Market To Market To Buy A Fat Pig (298.365)

We had a fabulous but all too short visit with Mami, Bello and Bella. Their visits are always so enjoyable. I wish they could last forever. I'm thankful that I already have another visit from Mami and Papi scheduled to look forward to though. And that one will be for a longer period. Mami was staying with us in our home and Bello and Bella had parked their RV at my parents since our driveway is on a hill. They were planning to leave around 9 this morning so I drove Mami up to my Mom and Dad's, left her there and went on with my 17 stops I had to make… That's not an exaggerated number, I really had 17 stops. It was a long day before heading back home. I left my trip to the butcher to last to make sure everything stayed super cold in the cooler on my hour ride home. I bought 50 pounds of all sorts of meat for an amazing price! I was so excited and I can't wait to start cooking!!!

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