Tuesday, October 18, 2011

11 Minutes

I have 11 minutes to write whatever comes to my mind and then I am going to bed! This has been such a busy and full week... and gosh, is it really only Tuesday!? This morning I woke up early, did things around the house and took a drive back to my parents house (and hour away) to fill my car up with more of my belongings. I stopped at Mono's place (his previous place, I should say) to pick up a few remaining things there as well. Then I met up with him, since he was working up that way today (instead of his awesome 2 minute normal commute to work), for lunch. I headed home with a crazy full car... A set of salt and pepper shakers couldn't even fit in if I wanted to (okay, slight exaggeration there). I unloaded the car, took Jimmy out for a short bit and headed right back out to meet up with Mono and the group he was taking care of today for dinner. What fun I had!! I am so glad they invited me to come along. They were some of the loveliest people I've spent time with in a while! They were all from Latin American countries so it was so much fun to hear about the areas they were visiting from. After goodbyes were said, I headed on my way home. I chatted with my family (parents, uncle and grandparents) on Skype for a little bit, cleaned the kitchen, the bedroom and organized Jimmy's belongings into his new "dresser." He has a little cabinet of his own that has now found a home in our kitchen. First shelf is food. Second is treats, bones, etc. Third is cleaning, meds and clothes. :) So much fun to know my little guy is settled into this house too. So that was my busy day. It was really full even if it doesn't sound so full. But the thing is, tomorrow is going to be twice as busy, just with me at home all day. I am so excited to cross everything off my list tomorrow and I know I can get it all done. Mono's family is coming to visit this week and I am really looking forward to their time here. Like big time looking forward! :) My Mom and Dad are coming back home later this week too which will be nice. All of our family can enjoy some time together. Tomorrow my uncle is dropping some things off here at the house for me and that will allow me to finish having the guest room (the one that I need to get fixed up) all ready for the big arrival!! :) Then on Thursday we have a big day! Our dresser is finally being delivered, after being late 2 full weeks. Oh what a joy it will be to have a place to store our clothes and belongings. I have a lot of projects going on tomorrow. Scrubbing bathrooms, wash and ironing, vacuuming, making dinner, baking (pictures to come tomorrow), making beds, and the list goes on, but I won't bore you. ;) Well, my 11 minutes are ending so this is the boring post you'll get for today. I thought I'd just get back into the blogging habit and whatever I write you get to read. You poor readers for the next few days-week. Hopefully my creativity in writing will come back to me and get better real soon. Good night all! Happy almost Wednesday!

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  1. you should post these on fb. Can't wait for the pics!