Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Girl Crush Honesty

Do you have any ladies in your life that you ahem, kinda have a crush on or are actually like celebrities to you? Well, I do. I am going to go all out and be totally open and honest with you.

I don't have a ton of friends. The ones I have are so dear to me, but they all live hundreds of miles away so we aren't involved in each others' daily life as much as I wish. But I have my online, facebooking, blogging friends that I feel somewhat connected to every day… don't think they all know about me, so it's a one way thing. ;)

I'll start out with Cathy. Cathy is a ton of fun and such a lovely lady! I adore her and wish I could spend more time with her. She and her sweet mom own the shop I designed my wedding dress through. Their place is amazing. Their service is above and beyond fabulous. And their hearts are pure gold! The day I picked up my dress I was so sad to leave because I knew there wouldn't be set days I'd be seeing them. But I will be going back for a visit when I get my pictures so I can say hi and show them. Maybe we can even catch a bite to eat or something. But seriously, I love her. Great, great lady. She was just in NYC for the bridal market and I followed her every move on Facebook, just wishing I could walk the streets of NY with her. New York City is a fun place to be, especially when you can share it with people just as fun as the city itself! I told Mono tonight, "I wish I could even just scrub toilets there twice a week just to have an excuse to work in their shop and get to know them better." Yeah, it's that bad.

On to the next one… and this one I don't imagine scrubbing toilets with, but there are other crazy things like that. ;) Megan… Yes, you all probably know Megan by now. My lovely photographer who did our engagement and wedding pictures. Not only is she just our photographer, but I truly feel like I have gained a friend in her. She is the sweetest ever. Truly. And not just because she had a Georgetown cupcake boxed up in it's pink loveliness on my seat at our wedding reception. There are plenty of other reasons. I truly love photography. I'll never have my own business like her, but I would die to learn from her. Her eye is amazing. I just don't know how she does it. I wish I had even a fraction of her talent. She's funny, smart, has fab dance moves (Quick story… I was on the dance floor at our wedding and I turned to see Megan dancing on the dance floor with me! I think I probably stared for a second - most likely looking like an idiot - because I had remembered seeing one or two pictures of her dancing at other bride's weddings and I always though, oh, if only she'd dance at our wedding too…. and she did! Oh to only have her beat - and her eye! Dang, even one of them!) Megan and I are also friends on Facebook (oh yes, I love Facebook) and I tend to be a stalker but not in a bad way. Honestly. I love reading her status updates, her blog posts, of course seeing her amazing pictures, reading her unique and fun way of writing… I love it all. If I could spend another two of my days with her, I would. I'd hold her camera bag (and sign a paper that I wouldn't run away and play with her amazing camera), wipe her sweat on days as insanely hot as our engagement shoot was… whatever she needed, I'd be there! Move the garbage can, the bike… kick the soda can aside. Whatever! (Those are all things she had to do at our shoot) Don't you think she'd like someone to do all that for her? ;)

And then there's my blogging friends, who also happen to be friends with me on good ol' Facebook. 

There's Sasha (who I even took a photo reminding me of her on my honeymoon)
and Paige. Lissa, Becky and Meg.

Here's what I like about them. 
They're real.
They are young, fun, God-loving, beautiful moms. 
They are talented, artistic, crafty.
They can cook and bake and take lovely pictures.
I wish I could spend a day with each of them and soak up some of their all around goodness.
I check their blogs daily (at different times during the day when I am online) to see if there is a new post and when there is, it's like getting a letter from an old friend! 
The excitement is crazy.
Mono knows them all real well too. Oh Sasha, that's Lemonade Makin' Mama. And Paige from Simple Thoughts. Meg... Whatever!! ;) It's nice to know he knows who my real friends are. hehe
I like spending time (via their blogs) with other real women, who keep God and their family first in their lives. 
But not only that, they are just fun ladies!
I love their pictures, their honesty, their love.
I hope that when I am a mom, I can follow along their paths. 
Any of you need a live in whatever for the day!? Cleaning lady, cook... you name it! ;)

And then there is ____. I'll let her name remain nameless because I want to have a chance at a nice friendship. This gal actually lives nearby. She's never seen this blog, never even heard of it and that is a good thing for now. I met her at Church, but we just met for the first time last week. I've seen her and her sweet family for a few years now, but I never had the guts to introduce myself. I am horrible with that. But the other day, she came over to me, congratulating me on our wedding and I introduced myself and was so stinkin' excited. I was like a teenage girl meeting Justin Bieber (or however you spell his name). I left squealing inside. And to top it off, when Mono got back to work, her husband e-mailed him to see if we wanted to come for dinner next week. (Our husbands work together - different departments, same company) Gosh am I excited! I'm really praying that this friendship grows into something beautiful. It would surely be so nice.

So those are (some) of my girl crushes. ;) 

Am I insanely crazy? Yes, I know. But I was making up for being gone for so long. 
I guess I better not leave for more than 2 weeks or it could be dangerous.
If I got this crazy and honest after 2 weeks away...

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  1. I'm so glad you are back!!!!! It makes me so happy that you are blogging about what makes you happy! It doesn't matter what you long as you are writing!! You have a gift, and are WONDERFUL!!! Thank you! XOXOOXXO WELCOME BACK MRS. FEDERLE!!!!!!