Saturday, August 3, 2013

whole30 challenge

On Monday I am making a huge change in my life that will last at least 30 days. I am taking on the Whole30 diet. Before I go further into what I have to say, here is a little peek into my health history... I was never overweight, but always had a little layer of chunk on me. I've never been very athletic. Okay, I am not athletic at all. I am not athletic in any dedicated fashion. I danced when I was a real little girl, for a few years. I figure skated and rode horses in my early teen years, but had a riding accident which put a huge halt to all activities for quite a while. I've gotten into (treadmill) running off and on and ran in a half marathon (completely untrained, never having run more than 3 1/2 miles at a given time) in March. That is it. I just don't have the energy or drive to work hard at it. I don't like exercising at a gym, none of that. Before I got married, I was at a good weight, but still a little flabby and not toned well. I have never dieted a day in my life, not even leading up to my wedding day. I like food too much. Food like Goldfish, pasta, and my nightly glass of chocolate milk. Then, I got pregnant with the twins, gained 40 pounds in my stomach (you couldn't tell I was pregnant from behind and actually lost weight in my arms and legs) and lost all but about 10 pounds after they were born. That is where I am now, but I feel gross. Those extra 10 or so pounds make me feel larger than I need to be and a bit self conscious. My body shape seemed to change too which adds onto the icky feeling. With the boys turning one and being incredibly active, only to become more active over the next few months, I need more energy. I have daily headaches/migraines, fibromyalsia or fibro-like symptoms, the back and neck injuries from my riding accident, and a horrible sleep level. So. That brings me to today, with the question of how do I lose the little flub I have, feel better, sleep better, and have more energy?

The best answer I have found is the Whole30 challenge from The Whole9. It is not easy. And it is certainly not going to be easy for a girl who made it through the day knowing a glass of chocolate milk would be waiting at the other end. But, it is only 30 days. I can do this y'all, right? I may flop on day 3, 9, 26, who knows, or I may be able to go the entire 30 days. But, either way, I am going to give it a go and hold myself accountable here. The hubs is doing it with me, as well as my Mami (mother-in-law), so we have each other to help and encourage... kinda. We all want to do this and have a good outcome, but two of us also have at least a small percentage of feeling like a small layering of pudge isn't so bad if you can have chocolate milk, milkshakes, goldfish, and bread. Yeah, we're real good for each other. ha. 

So I am not doing this as just a diet. While I do hope I can lose the pudge, I am hoping to feel better and be more energized. At the end of the 30 days I can evaluate how I feel and then I am going to add back in certain things in healthy amounts, like chocolate milk. wink

Stay tuned if you want to follow my struggle journey on the Whole30. It begins on Monday! 

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