Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Double Digits

I will never ever forget the day I found out that there wouldn't be three little sisters, but four! When Nahida told me she was pregnant, I couldn't contain my excitement! Life would never be the same!! And I will never forget the day she was born and going to see her sweet precious baby face on August 14th. We were all so excited.
When Nahida found out she was having a little girl, she told me she wanted to find a name that was similar to mine and asked me to be what would kind of be like Merima's godmother. I was pretty honored. On her first birthday, I had to cut her first curl. That was when this picture was taken. We were so little. I loved this sweet girl the day she was born, the day she turned one, today on her 10th birthday and every single day in between.
Merima's joy and her smile is contagious! This was one of the top memories with her. This was a great weekend with her and the girls at Mono's family's home!
Another top memory was the summer they stayed with us for a LONG and WONDERFUL visit! Including an amazing trip to Florida. Isn't she a cutie?

Meemsy and I have always been close, and when Mono entered my life, he was going to enter theirs. I was hoping they'd love him just as much as I did, and vise versa. It topped the charts. These two have a special bond that I love to see!
Taking her to see where I grew up was quite fun! This was where I lived at her age and it was a great little adventure for us.
Matching sisters! Goodness, I love this girl!
And 10 years later, she is now not only my special little friend, wonderful littlest sister, but the best auntie two little boys could EVER ask for! She adores them and they already adore her. I pray they have a close little bond growing up with her, like I did with her when she was a little girl.
Dear Meemsy, I have enjoyed each and every moment walking through your life with you. I hope even though I am far away, you know I am always close to you in heart. I'm only a phone call or Skype message away! I love you sweet pea. So does Gussy and the boys! Happy 10th Birthday, Merima. You are LOVED! xoxo- Marezy

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