Tuesday, August 13, 2013


It has been a few days since this post, and a lot has changed. As I sit here and write, I should have been a few hours into our OBX vacation. The anniversary dinner party that we had went off well and we had a fabulous, but to short visit with my sisters (I'll share more about their time soon). But the day after they arrived, my Mom received a phone call from one of her sisters saying she needed to come up to New York because things were looking real bad for my Popa (her Dad) who was just taken to the hospital. My parents left on their 16 hour drive and drove straight through the night. They went right to the hospital to be with him. Our beach vacation has been cancelled since the unexpected hospital stay for Popa. My parents and aunt and uncles are together with both of my grandparents and even though we are all desperately wishing we were on our way for the vacation we planned in October, we know being with Popa is most important. My parents are living with my Nana and they take turns taking Nana to the hospital and my aunts, uncles, and each of my cousins, have all taken turns visiting with him to keep him company and his spirits high. I wish I could be there to sit with him and spend time with him and Nana, but my first job right now is to take care of my little men, especially since they are sick. Thankfully my cousins have all been able to enjoy some beach time together in N.Y. And at some point, I hope my little family can spend a few days at the beach. I haven't been since our honeymoon and if you know me well, you know the beach is my element and my happy place. The place where all my cares float out to see and I can just soak up each and every sweet moment!

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