Saturday, January 5, 2013

twelve months of creativity

Between blogs, Pinterest, and my own ideas I always have something I want to make. I haven't had much time to create in a long, long time. When we got married, I was first busy settling us in our new home. Then just a few months later I was pregnant with a lot of morning sickness and although I wanted to be creative, I didn't feel well enough to do much of anything. And then bed rest came and I was huge and couldn't do anything. And then they came and I really couldn't do anything. These two scrumptious boys keep me more than busy right now. But in this new year, I would like to try to make one thing each month. To have one project a month should be doable. And if I can carve out more time for a second or third (or more) project, that will just be a bonus! 
Some months I may pick something very small and others it may be a more intricate project.
I also need to finish working on a painting I started while I was pregnant.
I am so critical with my paintings and sometimes I just don't finish them.
I don't want this to be one of those unfinished pieces in the closet.
I wish I knew I could make time for one project a week, but that may be a bit more than I can pull off. We will see. Maybe I will make more than one per month.
I can't wait to start project one!
I'm not completely sure what I will do yet.
Maybe I will write down twelve projects and pick out of a jar each month and it will be a surprise.

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