Monday, January 28, 2013

the reward

yes, i do reward myself sometimes... with chocolate milk. i'm not really sure if reward is the right word. sometimes i just have to give myself something to keep me going. i have a million and one things i could be doing right this second, but while all three (jimmy included) of my boys are sleeping, i am sitting, enjoying one of my very favorite drinks! sweet tea is my other fave. yesterday was a long and pretty tough day. i ended up leaving all the dinner prep on the counters, food out, and dishes in the sink, put my two crying babies in the car and went for a ride. the purpose was to calm me down, and to quiet them. they needed to be put to sleep by the smooth ride of the car. it didn't put them to sleep, but it quieted them down. mono and i are trying to exercise a bit more this year and so after work, he headed for a little workout. he called to check in to make sure all was well at home and i told him to go for his swim. i didn't want him to pick up on the fact that everything was far from well at home. i knew if he knew that, he wouldn't have made that time for himself at the pool. and he needed it. there is not much time in the day for me to work out and being that things done quiet down here until 9:30 at the earliest, but i do hope to eventually figure my day and life out to squeeze something in. do you ever set aside even 5 minutes to give yourself a break or a treat?

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