Friday, January 4, 2013

prosecco + manchego

I feel so busy these days. So many days go by that I am in a pony tail, sweats and we eat grilled cheese for dinner. I dislike this very much and it is something I want to change for 2013. I want to spend time planning and preparing meals for dinner, I want to deliberately love on my family and friends with the food I prepare.
I want to simplify my wardrobe, morning routine and daytime routine to allow for more time to get myself ready for the day in the morning, get my tasks taken care of, dinners made, healthy and thoughtful dinners, all while taking care of my boys. 
I know this won't happen every day, but I want to enjoy some nice moments.
While we were in New York we stayed with my cousin, who made us fabulous meals and appetizers every day! I want to make nice little meals like she did, even if it takes me all day to prepare a little bit here and a little bit there. And then when we stayed a night with Mono's great aunt and uncle, who are both in their 80's, Tia Ali prepared us appetizers, a delicious four course meal, and then a nice, healthy breakfast the following morning. We had prosecco (Italian wine) and manchego cheese (my fave!). For dinner we started with a nice bowl of fresh cut fruit, followed by a salad with homemade dressing, then a wonderful roast chicken with carrots, potatoes, and fennel. Our meal was complete after we ate a delicious homemade cake/tart with fruit topped with carmelized almonds. Tia Ali is in her 80s, still goes to the gym, still wears heels and still cooks these amazing meals!
So after the time spent with my cousin and family and then Mono's great aunt and uncle, it made me crave to simply and take the time to do more cooking or even just serving nicely laid out food. A nice cheese and crackers, a simple salad or a nice cake.

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  1. You will get there. You have sweet little twin boys. Give yourself grace. There is a time and season for everything. This is your ponytail/grilled cheese/diaper season:) And that is a good season. I assure you, you will miss it someday(even though that is hard to believe).