Thursday, January 24, 2013

friendship and sweet tea

We left the boys for the second time ever tonight. The first time was on our one year anniversary. Yes, on our one year anniversary we already had two kids, and needed a babysitter. Mami and our grandparents were here to watch them for us. Tonight we went out with friends... and I may have drank a little too much... sweet tea that is! We went to Dreamland Barbecue and their sweet tea is like taking little sips of heaven. I may have had a few too many glasses and was tempted to take one for the road, but remained in control. Some people are foolish and drive under the influence of alcohol, I on the other hand tend to overdose on sweet tea. Thankfully it's not dangerous or hazardous to anything but my waistline.

Our friend, Austin and his mom came out with us for ribs. Dreamland has amazing ribs. A little on the spicy side, but if I can handle their heat, anyone can. I must say, going out with them is always a joy. We caught up on all of our recent travels, them to Florida, along with a visit from their family to our town and us to the northeast. We shared Christmas memories, stories of Mono's new job, Austin's recent absolutely amazing accomplishments at therapy... since the time we saw him last (right before our trip up north), he can now walk on his own with a walker for quite a period of time! The guys talked sports and computers. Us girls talked pinterest and babies. I shared with them the fact that I have passed the level of insane that I signed up for a half marathon. And yes, Gus may have included a little piece of information that had he and Austin laughing quite hard... cough - a purse is involved at the finish line - cough. Gus claims the only reason I signed up for this was for the purse. And while that is incentive, it is not my main reason. Truth. Now, if it was this bag, his statement would be completely accurate. We ate yummy ribs, drank lots of tea, shared many laughs, and realized even more how grateful we all our for our friendship.
Austin has overcome a monumental challenge and works with such dedication each day to return to a complete recovery. I personally do not think many people, myself included, could be where he is today, mentally and physically. He has amazing strength and determination. It is nothing short of an amazing miracle. Gus and I are a bit selfish. Of course we wish he could be back to his day to day life, outside of rehab, but we really love the fact that he has to be in rehab... right by our house! If only he could stay this close after he completes rehab and have his sweetheart of a girlfriend move to town too. The four of us would be the best of friends.

As we were sitting there and I was listening to the two of them share stories of their days when they lived together, I thought of how life has changed so much, and how we are all back together again, in a completely new way.

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