Monday, August 13, 2012

Eat, Eat, Eat!

I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite tables to eat at:

Good morning!

Big Blue Bagel : When I want to get a taste of New York, this is where I go. Salt bagel and cream cheese is complete yumminess. 

The Pancake House : A plate of six huge peanut butter pancakes right in front of me. Yes please!

Huddle House : I get the two egg breakfast. Two scrambled eggs, with cheese, warm buttered toast and hash browns. I adore their cheesy scrambled eggs.

Hot off the grill!

Mugshots : The Hicks... chopped chicken breast, sauteed with red onions, on a sourdough roll with lettuce and tomato. I love it.
Baha Burger : Sad news. They closed down. Actually, they re-opened under a new name, but I have yet to go and see if it is truly the same burgers. I used to get a beef burger with feta, sauteed onions, cheese. Yummm. 
Gus's Hotdogs : Not my Gus. He wishes. I love their hotdogs. I order a regular. Hotdog with sauerkraut, mustard and their special sauce. They are perfect. They normally come with diced onions, but I ask them to nix the onions.

Travel the world!

Shangri-La : We have been craving Chinese food, good Chinese food, and we finally found a place to go. They have a great lunch special too! Their food is so good. I've only been there once, but I ordered beef with broccoli when we had a meal there.

Tazikis : This is when we want some Greek food... I always get grilled chicken roll ups. Chicken with feta and tomatoes. Mmm mmm good. Fresh and tasty!

Chipotle : steak burrito with rice and beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream... I love their food!

P.F.Changs : sweet and sour chicken! Oh, and their fried green beans. I can taste it now! 

Brio : The best Italian place I've found around. They have a lobster, pasta dish and a lobster soup that is just ah-mazing! I love starting with a salad and soup, then go to my meal, and end with a small sweet dessert!

Zona Rosa : Best Mexican, but they closed. It was such a cute little place and I adored their fresh fajitas. They were always just right.

Stix : Japanese... I'm not adventurous when it comes to food. Mono is the one that goes for that. I like their fried rice and veggies with shrimp. And they cook it right in front of you! So fun.

Kool Korner : From what we've found, this is the only Cuban restaurant around. It's not a full restaurant, more like a sandwich shop. The man that runs it is about 90 years old and he is beginning to expand his menu. It's all so delicious and real Cuban cooking... though, don't tell him, but Bella's cooking is much better!

Alfredos: Alfredos was our favorite pizza place. They had great pizza, as close to the real kind (New York) as we had found, and great salads. Their meatball heroes were amazing too. And they knew what a hero was! Not a sub, not a hoagie... a hero! It was our go to, quick lunch or Friday night place. They closed the location by our house and just kept the location that is further away. We were devastated to say the least. Now we get our pizza at Whole Foods and that is really good, but it's just not Alfredos.

The Fish Market : The man that owns this is Greek and his food is delish! It's mostly all fresh seafood, but they have a few other things. The place has a great atmosphere and we all love it there! It was the very first place I took Bello when I met him, after picking him up from the airport when he came to meet me!


Saw's : Saw's is a more recent find for us, but it is Mono's favorite... and his Mom's too! It is a small, tiny place, but they have great barbecue. My favorite is their stuffed potatoes. Mono loves anything with their pork!

Dreamland : This was one of our first barbecue joints that we found and fell in love with. Their sauce is amazing, and if you ask Mono, so is their banana pudding! It's a great little environment too! They have tons of slabs of ribs cooking on the fire right there near you. It's quite the sight to see.

Sweet Bones :This sweet spot closed, but the food was tasty and their little sweet potato muffins were soooo yummy!


Zaxby's : I love their boneless chicken wings in sweet and spicy sauce, served with ranch dressing, fries and my favorite (really) celery sticks!

Chick-fil-a : They are a great, great fast food spot! I love the people that work there, the service, the freshness of the food, everything. They also have great milkshakes and lemonade!

Jimmy John's : Love their sandwiches. Fresh baguettes and wonderfully fresh toppings!

Sweet Tooth! 

Costco : They have the best, creamy frozen yogurt... vanilla and chocolate swirl.

Hamburger Heaven : Best milkshakes around! Chocolate please!

Dreamcakes : This is the local cupcake shop! yumm-o You know I love cupcakes!

Steel City Pops : New place in town... at least kinda. Everything is freshly made right there. Their coffee pop is the best, but since I am pregnant, I've only had a few licks of it. Strawberry cream is my go-to. And in my opinion. Peach cream is awful! Maybe I just got a bad one.

 There are other places we go to, but these are the ones that popped into my head first. And the first place I want to eat when I am not pregnant is Gus's Hotdogs. I haven't had a hotdog since December and I miss the way they make them! And right now, this very second, I'd love a swirly yogurt from Costco!

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  1. This is the funniest page you have! I love it but you forgot to mention bagel with cream cheese and butter! New fav!