Sunday, August 12, 2012

They're Back!

Let me start out by telling you, if I am posting a picture of my feet/toes, you have to know I am incredibly excited about them. I dislike my feet very much, and normally would be hiding them. This may be your only chance to see them... so take a good look! ha.

My ankles are back! Ever since I have been in the hospital and on medicine for my blood clot (That's in another post), my ankles have re-appeared! I am beyond excited! There is still some swelling, but my goodness, the difference is huge!

I will be thirty-five weeks this coming week, which means our boys are arriving in a hair over two weeks. Yes, just two weeks! Can you believe it? I certainly cannot. And I will be back in the hospital in 12-14 days from today. I have to be admitted early so they can switch the medicine for my blood clot so I can safely have a c-section.  

Please pray for me. I beg you for your prayers that all goes well these days leading up to the 28th, including the medicine switch.

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