Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Visit I've Been Waiting To Make!

Okay, I'm really behind on some of my posts. Back on July 21st, Mono and I went to visit Austin. I was not allowed to make any fun trips this summer. We had to cancel two weeks of vacations we were going to take, that I was really looking forward to. But, I did make a trip over to Atlanta to visit our friend. 
This trip was truly worth more than all the other summer vacations combined! I was so happy I was able to survive the ride there and back and the visit. I had to sit in the backseat with my legs propped up. My ankles were swollen, but you can't tell much because they don't look so bad in this picture.
 His parents, one of his sisters, and his girlfriend were all there, so it was lots of fun! We talked, he showed us his new tricks, then we ate, took a little tour, got some coffee and then talked some more! We were there for a while, and I could have stayed longer, but we wanted him to have time with everyone else since they weren't going to be in town long.
Like I said earlier, Austin showed us some of his new tricks that he could do. The progress he has made since being brought to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta absolutely amazed me! At one point when he showed me what his left arm could do, I got goosebumps and was totally blown away! I am so thankful he is at this rehab facility and is making the progress that he is!
Please continue to keep him in your prayers. Though he is always making progress and giving it his all, he still has a long road ahead and needs all the prayers and encouragement that he can!
 Austin still had his most amazing personality. Cheerful and positive, always making us laugh. It was so wonderful to see him, and his family. I wish we could go back, but it doesn't look like there is any traveling off this couch for me for a while! And Mono needs to stick around to help me since I cannot get up.

Austin's sister, Meghan, ordered these bracelets for people who wanted to support him and donate a little money to help his major medical bills ahead, so of course Mono and I each wanted one and she gave them to us while we were there! I haven't taken mine off at all! Not even in the hospital!
 One side says. "Prayin' for Austin."
 The other is one of his favorite sayings, "Go Big."

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