Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Summer and Hello to New Life!

Summer is over. Labor Day has passed. School is back in session. 
I may not have been able to sport around my cute white skirts and pants (due to a very enlarged waist). I may not have soaked up a single ray of sun by the waterside, or go on any vacations. And the summer's heat may still be sticking around for an un-welcomed amount of time... But, what is here and just beginning is a fun life with our little guys! And not having any of those summer fun memories for 2012 is totally worth it having them in our life! 
Gus and Will were born one week ago today, August 28th. Gus came into the world (7 lbs. 4 oz.) at 7:34 and his little brother (6 lbs. 4 oz.) following one minute later at 7:35. They were both born at wonderful weights (if you calculate that, I was carrying around over 13 lbs. of baby!) and were so healthy. No need for even a second in the NICU, which was the greatest blessing. They are the most beautiful little guys and I am so in love with them. 
Unfortunately I haven't had much time with them yet, having had to be re-admitted back into the hospital, but they are at home in the loving hands of their grandparents. I hope to go home today and get on with life outside of the hospital. I am looking forward to lots of picture taking with them, quiet moments and just the general day to day life with those precious boys of ours. I am not sure how often I will be able to post, but I will do my best to still keep this going.

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