Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Two is Always Better Than One

 I'm not sure how many of you have experienced news that truly shocked and rocked your world.
If you have, you know what I am talking about.
And if not, well, let's just say it leaves you in that shocked state for hours days.

Back on January 16th, I found out I was pregnant, with my first little one.
I was pretty surprised that I was definitely pregnant after only a few months being married.
Let's just say, when looking at family history, this fact alone was quite a little miracle.
Mono and I were so incredibly excited when we found this out.
Of course loads of plans and dreams began.

I immediately set up an appointment with the doctor and the first available date was one week later, the 23rd. The excitement remained and morning sickness set in and the days passed.
The morning of January 23rd quickly came upon us and Mono and I sat in the waiting room, waiting to be called in. I had to go to like 4 waiting rooms for the different things they needed to do. 

We were finally in the room for the ultrasound and as I laid on the table and they showed us the baby on the screen, and we heard the heartbeat, we were absolutely amazed at the gift of life. It's so amazing to think that that little spot, that doesn't look like much of anything is in fact a life, with a beating heart. Many, many, many confused people say this isn't a life yet. But after seeing that, how could they not believe it. What was that little thump, thump, thump sound? The heart, right? If it is not a life, what's the heart doing there, beating? Makes me so sick to think of these people in the world that disrespect the unborn so much!

Now, as if seeing our baby wasn't exciting enough, the nurse had to give us even more excitement for the day. She said to me, "Okay, do you see this?" And I said, "yes." She asked if I knew what it was and of course, the worrier that I am, said, "no," but in my mind I already thought the worst. She said, that's baby number two!!! Yes, TWO! Two, as in twins!!! 

Now, not only does fertility not have the best track record in our family, but we have no twins at all.
So not only was being pregnant, this soon, such a gift, but the fact that I was pregnant with twice the blessing, made it even more of a miracle!

Needless to say, Mono and I sat there in complete, joyful shock. 
After the rest of the appointment was finished, I had to schedule my next appointment.
The lady said, "Was your pregnancy confirmed today?"
I laughed and said, "yeah.
It certainly was confirmed... twice.

And now, the phone calls began. We had all of our family to call as well as our dear friends.
Everyone was still on a high from our wedding, then the one baby news and so we knew that the news of twins would just make everyone go nuts with excitement.
And nuts they went!!!

After we came home from the doctor, Mono had to head to work. I met him at Church and while I was sitting there during Mass, knowing that that very day was the same day thousands of people were standing up for life, walking in D.C. We may not have been there to show our support against abortion, but we were certainly supporting life in our own special way! It was so great to hear our priest talk about the gift of life. It hit home even harder after the big news we got a short while before.

So, now we have lots more to think about... twice as much. 
It's so exciting to think about. I'm not a whole lot worried of being a mom times two, but the thought of going into being a first time mom with two babies from the get go is a little nerve wracking.
I know it will all be fine and for now, I just pray that both of these little ones grow healthy until they are ready to join us out here in the world!

I've been constantly nauseous, until today. 
Today, I beat the heck out of it.
I won!
The weather was amazing, my vitamins are in my system, I ate some great food, I stayed busy and also got lots of rest out in the fresh air! I am praying that these amazing days are not far and few between. I still had feelings of a bit of queasiness, but it was totally, completely tolerable and I enjoyed my day!

It's 6:40 and I have yet to have a terrible wave of it. Ah, that thought just makes me so happy. As long as these two little ones are healthy, I hope days like this come frequently so I can enjoy picking things out and planning for their arrival!

Please keep our family and especially the twins in your prayers!!! We cannot wait to meet them, but we want these next 7 months or so to be healthy for them!

That's my news for now. I hadn't been up to writing at all, or doing much of anything, so there haven't been any posts. The better I stay feeling, the more posts hopefully there will be!

119. beating the crud out of morning sickness today
120. fresh, sunny air
121. open windows
122. being able to actually accomplish things again
123. two babies!


  1. I AM STILL SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU 4! Heehee you 4!!!!!

  2. How exciting!!!! FYI, for morning sickness, I took a unisom at night and a B12 in the morning. Doctor approved and VERY helpful!