Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some Things Come and Some Things Go

Okay, so like I mentioned in a previous recent post, my creative juices have begun to flow again. What a wonderful feeling. Today has been a really busy day, and I got so much done (thanks to my husbands help with all the Christmas decorations boxes and some other heavy work). And now, I'm exhausted with a back that is killing me! But it was worth it! :) It's such a great feeling when you see your work accomplished at the end of the day, especially when some of it involved using your creativity. 

thought I'd tell you how I went about doing this floral arrangement. I had been really wanted an old and worn, long, rectangular, wooden box to hold white and green, with hints of gray floral pieces in it. Of course I wish it could be real, but I'd need a garden the size of this state and a personal caretaker to keep what I wanted in my house every day! So a DIY faux floral arrangement it would be!I picked out my favorite white flowers and greens from my local craft shop. I found my favorite fuzzy, gray pussy willow for my hint of gray too! Yay! I think it is just the touch of gray that I wanted. 
 Then I picked out some cheap floral foam to equal the size I wanted my arrangement to be. I would say it is about 18x 6 or so. Then I put them together and wrapped clear packing tape all around it so it would stay together nice and tight.
 I added one more set of the greenery and a few more big white hydrangeas (than what is pictured here). Thank goodness for major percentage off, coupons and gift cards!!!!! It made this all possible!
 Then I took a heavy duty scissor, cut through and around the plastic, rubbery coating of stems and once you could see the wire,
 I bent it back and forth until it broke. It was the easiest way I have done and didn't take all that much effort. There are a lot of stems, so your hands get tired by the end, but each stem was bearable to do.
 Then you start putting pieces in, I usually figure out how I want it to look by picking three large flowers, put one on the left, one in the middle and one on the right, but not completely in the same spots. And then I go from there filling in with the big flowers, trying not to put too many of the same flower in the same area. Then I went ahead and put the sprigs of thin branches in to stick out a bit more.

 My apologies, all of these pictures were taken at night so the quality is not at it's greatest.
 So that part was all done yesterday. Today I went to Home Depot, had a 1"x5"x6' (or however the number order is supposed to go) plank of wood (stain grade) cut to the sizes I wanted. I picked out the stain that I wanted (very small can) and headed home.

After all my errands, dinner and clean up, I got to work! This was the creativity/rest project before all the actual hard work that had to be done in the house this evening.

I took my wood, and took my hammer to it, making dents and markings in it, then I hammered the pieces together, forming my box.
 I didn't need 5 nails, but I wanted that look. I was going for an old, worn look and for some reason, the extra nails made my mind happy getting it to that look.
 Then I stained away. I used two colors, a dark, ebony color and then a normal brown shade. First splotches of the ebony, then the brown shade over it. I am letting it dry and will determine if I want another coating over it tomorrow or not. When the staining was done, I placed my arrangement inside and wallah! Done! A pretty piece that can be moved about in our home, due to it's neutral coloring.

I am pretty happy with the outcome! I can't wait for a sunny day to take better pictures and to enjoy it with the sun shining in.

 So, the creativity has come and is making me quite the happy girl. But, my voice has gone completely. Like I said, some things come and some things go. This is by far, the worst loss of my voice that I can remember to date. I have lost it three times already this winter season, but this time, it is not because of being sick with bronchitis. This came out of nowhere and is just getting worse. I have to scream to get out the fainest squeaky whisper. And if you are not standing right next to me, forget it. I called Mono earlier today at work and he said he couldn't understand a word I was saying. Then this evening, I tried speaking with my Dad on the phone. Strike two. So, if you try calling, don't expect to hear or understand me. Hopefully this won't last long. I don't mind this, but I do mind not being able to communicate. I am exhausted from screaming at the top of my lungs all day long. 

Thankfully, none of my creative projects or relaxing hobbies require using my voice! Making note/recipe cards, floral arrangements and paintings... blogging, taking pictures... 

Now, I'm going to sit, watch a show and then take a shower and get to bed. Ah, so lovely! It's been a successful and good day and I look forward to a day ahead... a Friday at that! The weekend is soon upon us!

112. successfully made projects

113. sweet e-mails from sweet friends

114. a clean house

115. a husband that helps out around the house

116. chocolate almond candy from my grandparents (Bello and Bella)

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