Sunday, January 8, 2012

Think NYC, Bridal Gowns and a Runway

Think New York City, runway, thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of bridal gowns, beautiful, thin, tall models, dramatic lighting, fabulous music to set the mood, and two lovely ladies that made it all happen. Oh, but all this in Alabama. Yes, Alabama.

When you say Alabama, most people outside of this state either think of the movie, Sweet Home Alabama, or rednecks. I hate to say it, but that is the reaction that I get. They don't give us a chance. And I can bet that if they just came to visit, they'd be pleasantly surprised with how wonderful a state this is. Believe it or not, we have some amazing, classy, areas here. Fabulous. Great food, great shopping, neighborhoods to just drool over.... And when you say a stylish runway fashion show, most people don't think Alabama

Well, let me tell you, the two ladies that I worked with at The White Room, put together a beyond amazing, New York City worthy show today.! I sat there in the second row, the lights dimmed, the music came on and out came the first model, donning a dress designed by none other than the fabulous, Anne Barge. I was quite proud to see her lovely designs showcased first out of all the other designers. Dresses by Judd Waddell, Kenneth Pool and Amsale were there, to name a few. 

The styles created by these amazing designers ranged from ostrich feathers to the finest of French laces. I am blown away by the creations seen on the pages of magazines and then today on a runway, in front of my very eyes.

One of my greatest experiences in my life was planning my wedding. I had a lot of hang ups and things that truly got me down and discouraged, but the one thing that went without a single hitch was working with the ladies at The White Room, designing the perfect dress. I cannot even fully put into words what I feel for them. They are the most professional, yet down-to-earth and warm people you could ever dream to work with. Their bridal salon is warm and welcoming and oh-so-beautiful. I will never forget the first time they welcomed me there, showing me around amidst all the beautiful dresses. I wish I could get married 500 more times just to work with them, to try on their dresses and to just see their smiles and hear their uplifting voices. No dress will ever be as special to me as the one I designed through their help and the help of Anne Barge. The opportunity I was given, was certainly unexpected and once in a lifetime. And I will never ever forget it. I will always be so grateful to them. 

Not only were Cathy and Carolyn working with their professional faces on, but they were there as dear friends. And I can say even 3 months after my wedding, with my beautiful dress preserved in a box, they are just as dear to me as the first day I met them. 

So sitting there today, just a seat away from the front of the runway, I got chills, felt such pride and felt like I was part of such a special operation. Though I do not work for them, had nothing to do with what was put on today, or am not connected to their salon, being that they became so dear to me and I spent so many hours designing, talking, in fittings, etc, I felt such an overwhelming sense of joy. I was so proud of them, for the work they do and for what they pulled off with such ease and class! I only wish I could go to more of those, spend more days with them and even go to New York City to see a bigger (but not better) show! And, I wish my dress could have been seen by all those people! (Though, I could never walk a runway in heels! And, they can't smile... I find that awfully hard to do!)

Cathy and Carolyn, thank you for everything. For every smile and kind word, for all of your help put into my dress and the hours you spent working on it, tweaking it and making sure my fittings went perfectly, for today, for inviting us to be able to experience such an amazing and beautiful event! You are held in a special place in my heart.

101. for the opportunity I was given to have my wedding dress design come to life

102. for two women that could have passed me through their shop like any old customer, instead to have held me as a sweet friend

103. for a puppy that is successfully recovering from his little surgery and who's personality is creeping back!

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