Thursday, June 13, 2013

jumping into june

I decided to look into my life, see what areas were bothering me and take one month/30 days to do something about it. My days and to do lists were a bit chaotic and not as productive as they should be. My body was in need of some slimming down. And overall, I just needed to find my groove, my happiness.

I have been in a real need of a good kick in the bottom. My boys wake my up at what is to me an ungodly hour and I go, go, go I seem to never really stop, yet my to do list was not getting checked off like I wanted and really even needed it to be. Things were getting done, just not how they should have been. It would be 4:00 and I would have no idea what I would make for dinner and get overwhelmed. I would let the day pile up with things to do and not get the essentials done. 

My lists would just sit there and get added to, but not be properly taken care of. The hubs likes all his lists kept electronically and I like them all in my gold brain planner. My entire life is written in there. If it isn't written down, I don't remember. Thus it's nickname, the gold brain. Shopping and to do lists, the boys eating and nap schedules. Everything. But the way my planner is set up and how I keep track of everything wasn't just right. I needed a slight alteration to it. I needed to see ahead of time what needed to be done, rather than what was done. I tried a few things, a big chart for the fridge, and a few other things, but nothing clicked. Now I have found that if I take a few different colored post it notes (one color for each of the categories) and put them on each day of the week ahead of time so I know what will be going on. I set a schedule for each day of the week for certain things to be done. They are now concrete. So I know Monday is always wash day. I don't have to think ahead and worry, "Oh when will I fit that in?" Each day of the week gets one concrete chore and one major thing off the list. And then when those are done, I can add in other little things. 

Before I add in other little things, I give myself some down time. I was working myself crazy from the time the boys got up until right before bed, not giving myself much time to unwind and I was truly getting burnt out. I knew something had to change. So whether it be sitting outside getting fresh air while they are taking a nap, reading a few chapters out of a book, or exercising a little during the day rather than in the evening, or blogging. Whatever it would be, I'd take a short break for myself. Twenty or Thirty minutes to just breathe. Now, it doesn't always work if the boys aren't napping together, but I do try to make an effort for it. 

So setting certain days to complete certain tasks, setting aside time for exercise (usually one part in the morning and the other I do every other evening), meal planning ahead of time, etc, has really helped. I don't get upset if I didn't get all 25 things done. They don't have to be done in one day and I was trying to force it and it overwhelmed me. I'm still trying to get this whole owning a house, being a wife, and momma to twins down. It's taking me a while to find my groove. When you think one thing works, you see a reason for it not to. But this is the first time I feel in my groove! Hooray for that!

I have been in need of just the right workout for myself. I am not athletic and I hate working out. Sometimes I feel like I'd rather just have that slight layer of fat cushioning than have to go through all this. Eat this and certainly not that. Workout for x hours each day/week. Ugh. When you are woken up by two bundles of energy before the sun and don't have free time until later in the evening, the last thing I am up for is exerting myself until I don't just feel like I am going to collapse, but do collapse from sheer exhaustion. I was just don't born with that much drive and energy I guess. But, I knew I had to do something. I have been using a weighted hula hoop every day for 20 minutes and that is great because I can do it in the evening while watching tv or while the boys are asleep since it makes no noise, or even with them up and playing. They seem to be entertained by it. I do like that little workout, but I wanted more. I turned to Facebook for suggestions and the one I went with is called Ballet Beautiful. I did it for the first time the other day and I can really feel it deep in my muscles. I hope I see some results sooner than later. I am going to aim to do that every other day, while hula hooping every day and hopefully that will help me slim down slightly. 

Here's to hoping for a slightly slimmer, healthier, more organized, and happier me comes 30 days from now. I am setting a goal for myself for one month. That's it. If I can do one month, see results that I am pleased with, then I will go to month two, and so on. I have my plan set, and if it works, hopefully it can be stuck to. And, if not, at the end of these 30 days, I will try a different plan for myself to attain my goals. 

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