Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leftovers: Thoughts and Food

We're having leftovers again tonight.
I'm not a big fan of them. I don't mind eating them, but I feel like I've failed in making a delicious, freshly cooked meal on the nights we eat re-heated food from the refrigerator.
With only about 6 weeks to go before our boys are born, I am getting tired quicker, my back hurts more, and my swollen feet increase by the minute when I stand.
Thus, nightly home cooked meals are a bit few and far between.
With the amount of swelling in my legs/feet, I have to lower and watch my salt.
I'm not one that cooks with a lot of it, nor do I add much to my food after the fact, but there is a lot of pre-made ingredients that have it. So cooking for me has become quite the chore.
Last night I made a fresh batch of spaghetti sauce, which then caused a night (and into this afternoon) full of extra heartburn, so I am not sure what to do about this evening's dinner.

A bit of my leftover thoughts...

Last week we had such a lovely visit with family (from Mono's side). Mami, Bello, and Bella came and stayed for about 10 days or so. We were so pleased to have them here and keep them as long as we did!! Family visits are always so great, and never long enough. The crazy thing about this visit was it is the last one before our little men arrive! Next time we see them, the boys will either be just about to make their grand entrance into the family or it will be at their Baptism shortly after... it all depends on when family can arrive. It truly blows my mind to think of that! 
Only 6 more weeks to go being a family of two three (sorry Jimmy). Soon there will be five of us! Mono, Marezy, Jimmy and the two little men... who still don't have set names!

I need order, formality, cleanliness... I'm not the neatest person. I'm not OCD clean or anything like that, but I am seeing more and more how I need to have things in the places they belong, not have a million things out, etc... I am sure a lot of that has come with living with my husband these past 9 and a half months! He is so neat, so clean, and so orderly! Sometimes it drives me up a wall, but I am honestly very grateful to be married to someone that truly likes to take care of his and our things. A lot of guys are not as neat as him, in fact, maybe even slobs, so I have a lot to be thankful for! He is rubbing off on me more and more. Sometimes it makes me wish I had more money to spend on little organization projects, decorating a little differently with better furniture to be more functional, but for now, we are blessed, happy.... and clean!

Yesterday, only 9 or so months later, I finally finished our honeymoon album! About two years ago I had purchased a Groupon for an album/photobook company that I had planned on saving for something important... like our wedding or honeymoon. We will have an album from our photographer for our wedding, so for now, I thought it would be best to have an nice book to treasure our photos in. I've never made a book before and had quite the frustrating moments, but thankfully Mono is quite the computer man and was able to find quick fixes for me. It made me realize even more how I am far from being able to use photoshop! ha. I can't wait for it to get here, and I am praying hard that there are no errors in it. It will be so nice to have it in our little collection of coffee table books in our den!

While Mono's family was here and we were together, my parents were up in New York with all of my Mom's side of the family for a big celebration. It was really hard on me not being there. Not only did I miss celebration number one being my baby shower, but I was missing number two as well! I'm dying to get away, even for a day to the beach, much less a whole visit with family up north, but thankfully my Dad had it set up that I could be on either Skype or Facetime quite a bit during their party! It was great to see everyone and be as much a part of the day as possible! They were celebrating birthdays, graduations, new jobs, engagements... the whole works! At one point my cousin got me aka the iPad a chair so I could sit there and everyone could see me while we chatted. It was quite amusing. As much as I love living here in the south, I miss family. I wish it were easier for them to travel down here to visit. I'd love to show them around, have them stay for a while in our home, take them to our favorite vacation spot on the Gulf... But for now, and until the boys are old enough to travel up there, we're going to have to make do with chatting via a webcam.

A pregnancy update for all of you:
I'm 31 weeks, leaving only about 6 weeks to go according to my doctor!
So hard to believe that it was at this stage of the game in the beginning that I told my family I was pregnant - 6 weeks along with many more to go. Now I only have 6 to go before our cuties are cuddled and safe in our home with us!

At our last visit I gained more weight, which is a good thing of course, but the number keeps inchin' on up there! It's all in my stomach which everyone says is good and the boys are quite the big guys already so maybe that adds to the number on the scale!
One little man moves more than his brother, which makes me a tad on the nervous side. I wish I could feel them both move the same amount. And some times I can't tell which boy it is that is doing the moving. It does seem like it is all coming from Baby A (the lower one).
My right foot/leg is still like a gorilla. I am keeping it up, trying to stay off of it as much as possible and reducing any salt I can. Hopefully it won't get too much worse because I am only able to pretty much fit into one shoe... my Havianna flip flops!
The past few nights (besides last night) I had actually gotten a better night's rest than I have been getting. It's still certainly no way near great, but there was an improvement that I was more than happy to welcome!
When our family was here, each morning Bella saw me she'd say she thought my stomach grew since the night before... and I think she may be right! My tummy is growing by the minute it seems! I have no idea how I am going to even last the 6 or so weeks that are left! Can my skin stretch that much!?
The boys may still be somewhat nameless, but their room is ready... for the most part! They won't be in it for a while, but it is still ready for their arrival! Cribs are up, dresser is cleaned and filled, initial clothes and some random things are in our room. We still have to hang a few things in their room, set up their changing table and work on making sure our room has everything needed in it to be ready for them to join the crowd!
 30 week bumps
I'm not nesting yet... not sure if I even will. I told Mono that I think I am too fat to nest. haha. I keep my house as clean as I am capable to, I have projects done that I wanted done... It will be interesting to see if it creeps up on me between now and the end of August. I have a few things I need to look for and do before they come, but nothing too major... well, all but one thing isn't major.
The wall above our fireplace looks quite lonely. Ever since we moved in, I have put off painting something to hang there. I know once our little guys are here, there will be no painting in my schedule for quite some time, so I am going to attempt painting and finishing something to hang there in a frame.
I am very critical of myself when it comes to paintings I do and I am known to get nearly all the way through one, hate it and not be satisfied and just throw in in the bottom of a closet somewhere to collect dust and never finish. I am really praying that that does not happen with this one. I hope I can be content in my work enough that we can frame and hang it within the next few weeks. We shall see!

Last but not least in my update for you, my sweet friend is coming to visit, along with Jimmy's sweet girlfriend (her dog). I am really looking forward to having them in our home for a few days!! I wish I was a little bit more capable of having things just right for her visit, but she will totally understand if there is a little dust or not a ton of home-cooked meals. It will be so nice to have time to chat, catch up on all her latest goings on in life, relax and do a few fun things together! I am sure I will post about her visit once it happens!

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