Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Like Waiting For Santa!

I feel like I am waiting for Santa to come!
Not because of presents, but due to the excitement of my soon-to-be guests!
My sweet friend, Jilly, is coming along with... drum roll please... Katie Bubbles!
Katie is her oh-so-adorable, squishy, cuddly dog.
Also known as Jimmy's girl crush!
J is staying with my parents for a few days, but will certainly be here for part of Katie's stay so they can have some fun times together!
I'm not sure how much blogging I will be doing while Jilly is here, but I really hope to have some fun stories and pictures to share after the visit.

Thankfully she is more like family than a friend because today is my hardest day yet. I think I am struggling the most with being pregnant today than any day so far (besides the whole morning sickness thing). She is the super clean, super chef, super friend, and she is going to see my reality these days! Oh, and the anxiety of making dinner for someone who actually got paid to be someone's cook? Yikes!!

She is going to see our home just like it always is... Clean, but not scrubbed. I had all intention for making today my scrubbing day, cleaning everything perfectly, so it would be just right for her arrival, but I can barely do a thing.

I loaded my first load of wash. Sat down.
Unloaded the dishwasher, then sat down.
Re-loaded the dishwasher, and again, sat down.
Vacuumed our bedroom... yes, I then sat down.
Vacuumed our bathroom... sat down.
And now I am sitting down, blogging, and will shortly get up to switch loads of wash, to then go back and sit down.
The girls will be here in about two and a half hours and I know I won't get everything on my list accomplished.

She is getting finger prints and dust bunnies.
Dirty windows and a full garbage can. 
Unmopped floors and smudges on our fridge.
I have a few things to bring upstairs and get ready for their visit, and I have to vacuum the den.
There will be no dusting, but I thought that would be nice. She can leave her autograph in the dust. ;)
How does a house get so dusty so fast?! I just dusted a few days ago.
I just scrubbed a week ago.
It seems like some things need to be done daily, or else it sneaks up on you!

So, my clean, yet unclean little home, along with one very pregnant, tired momma, are waiting for Jilly and Katie's arrival!

Here's to a fun week ahead! Dust, swollen feet, and all!!

Note: Our house isn't disgustingly dirty. Please don't think that! It's just not in tip-top shape! ;)

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  1. Your little house was perfect in every way! The dust wasn't even there ;-) I was so happy to have all that time with you! AND because your house is so perfect, it inspired me to finish mine, so that one day- when you are ready to get on the move once again, you can come to MY house! Love you! AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY, from the comfort of your couch ;-)!