Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the journey to (post-pregnancy) better health

As you know, my baby number three was born almost exactly one month ago. And two years prior to that, babies one and two were born. My body never went back to the way it was on my honeymoon... and probably never will. But when I was pregnant with Z I knew I wanted to do something to get myself into better health and better shape again, and soon. I don't have a number I want to hit or an exact size, and I don't have a desire to be too skinny. I just want to feel good again, know my body is in a bit better shape and eat a little better... to make a more conscious effort this time around.

I also have the incentive that I have a matron of honor dress to fit into in a few months. The whole bridal party was fitted months ago... while I was about 40 lbs heavier with a huge baby belly! So I found out the latest I could go to still have my dress in time. Thankfully that was after Z arrived. I'm still not in the shape I am hoping to be in at my cousin's wedding, but at least the dress size will be somewhat more accurate. So it is a good reason to get the ball rolling!

I knew with my recovery time and help for only one week after Z arrived, that I wouldn't be able to do much exercising, so the progress had to begin with what we were eating. We eliminated all of the good stuff and all of my favorite things, like chocolate milk (which is like my glass of wine at night), pasta and goldfish crackers. And instead it's all water, salads, meats, fruits and veggies. Not that I don't like that stuff, but I'd appreciate a little variation with added goodies on occasions. So we are doing a kick start for 30 days to eat super strict and healthy. And then after that, re assess how we feel and adjust our diet, maybe adding in a treat or two. And at that point, I can get to exercising a bit more. I'd love to be able to easily take the three littles for a walk each day, but our neighborhood isn't really walking three kids friendly for an out of shape momma! Too hilly!

So, we are 11 days into eating healthier and it is going pretty well so far. I do miss my chocolate milk and wish it could pop in the diet even just a few nights a week. You know, after the really stressful days with the little ones. I am also really wishing we could add in a few spice muffins, pumpkin breads, etc... the warm, homemade treats we love to enjoy in the fall. The treats you love to wake up to with a warm cup of coffee, the cool air flowing through the open windows with your Autumn Leaves candle burning. Ahhh, such sweet thoughts. ;) Once our 30 days are up, maybe we can add that in once a week.

I certainly don't think I could do this without the Hubs doing it with me. To lessen the stress of it, I don't have the boys eating this way. They eat what we do for dinner, but if they want chicken nuggets for lunch, or it is a quick day I need to make something fast, they get the good food they like, like cereal for breakfast.

This is what my meals look like:
 And this is what I would like them to look like:
My neighbor had a baby two weeks after I had Z and I made her family a meal and while I was baking the bread and making the pasta I was salivating. I wanted to tear up slightly after I dropped it next door and walked home to make our carb-less meal.

So, we will see what the next couple weeks look like. I think we will survive! No, I know we will survive! The harder part is going to be putting exercise in. With little free time, already waking up early and going to bed late, not having the same nap times, and just the hate of exercising, it will be hard.

For any mommas out there that have had to make adjustments to get back to better health after a baby, do you have good tips for fitting things in, healthy eating or just tips in general how you bounced back? I'd love to hear!

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