Thursday, September 4, 2014

meet zelie

We are still not evenly split, this party of five, but a little extra feminine sweetness joined us.
Zelie Sofia was born on non other than August 28th, the very same birthday as her older brothers.
Now Gus, Will and Zelie all have something in common. Guaranteed. Forever.

8 pounds, 2 ounces and 20 1/4 inches of sweetness entered our lives at 8:42 am last Thursday. Her due date was today, but things happened for us a week early. She is the sweetest and calmest little one. Things are certainly different with her.

One baby is so different than two. So much easier. I'm not saying that all of you with one baby have it easy because babies are always a lot of work. But going from having two the first time around to one has been a dream. I also had a really bad recovery from the boys and this time I bounced back better and much faster.

The boys are such wonderful and sweet older brothers. I knew they were sweet boys, but it went to a whole new level when their baby arrived. They are sweet and tender and very attentive to her needs. I love watching them love on her.

I have family here helping me adjust and recover, and that has been a complete blessing. I'm not allowed to pick up the boys and put them in and take them out of their crib so help will be needed for a little bit, but I am looking forward to knowing what our new normal is going to become. What will our new routine be as a stay-at-home momma to three kiddos 2 and under?

I'm hoping to eventually get back into a good groove of blogging more regularly, but I have to see how our routine plays out before that happens. I wanted to introduce you to our little one though! Stick around and I'll be back!

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