Monday, April 14, 2014

momma mondays: mom life

The majority of my life so far I have spent just worrying about myself. Not that I tried to have my life revolve around myself, but it was always focused on my school work, my job, my to do list, etc. Now that I am a mom, life has tremendously changed. It has changed drastically even from life as a new wife. When you get married, you still focus on the needs of your life, but add on your spouses as well. Then, when you add little ones to the mix, everything changes! Your to do list goes after their needs. Your wishful fun errands take a major backseat to the errands that need to be done for the kiddos. The freedom to shower whenever you please becomes the hopes that you even get a shower in. Finding the parking space closest to your destination now becomes the one closest to the shopping carts, because you can't leave two little men in an unattended car. Life changes. In big ways and in small. And I don't mind it. Our days get hectic, tiring, and stressful, but they are always filled with joy.

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