Monday, March 31, 2014

momma mondays: a momma convenience

There is one thing as a Momma I wish was out there for our convenience. Have you ever seen the restaurants that offer curb-side-to-go? You call ahead, order and before you know it, someone is bringing it out to your car! Kind of like your food order at Sonic. We have a local dry cleaner that has a drive up window. Hello! Genius! It must have been a mom, or at least a woman that came up with that one! The one thing that is the biggest inconvenience for me is all those little errands that you have to load the little men up, take them back out, run in for that one single item, then load them back in the car, to then wash, rinse and repeat. I can't tell you the many little errands where I need only one or two little items in a particular store. If you could call ahead, order and pay, and then have it waiting, that'd be amazing! Growing up in New York there were little convenience stores where you could do this for things such as milk, eggs, bread, juice, etc. I never minded running these million little one item errands. I would just knock them all out in one single day of the week and all was fabulous. Now, having to do it with the boys, adds a lot of extra time and energy. And I don't have much energy. Yesterday I had to run to one store for milk and apples, one store for a certain cream, Costco for a whole list of things... And I still have 4 or 5 one item stops and a couple multi-item stores. Having this option would be fabulous. For me at least. Is there one thing as a busy mom that you've always thought would be helpful to your busy schedule?


  1. AGREED. COMPLETELY AGREE!!! I can't tell you how many things I just do without becaue it isn't worth unloading EVERYONE to go get it!

  2. I was thinking the same exact thing!! Especially a grocery store! I always am needing milk or a few small things and if you could call ahead and go through a drive through that would be fantastic!! Or have a convenient store with an ordering window ,like fast food, ...maybe that's how we'll get rich mare ...let's start a chain!!!