Tuesday, November 26, 2013

the truth is in the pudge

It's official. I am more pudgy today, when my sons are 15 months, old than when I was about 30 weeks pregnant… besides the massive stomach, of course. Yesterday we took some family pictures and when we got home and put them on the computer, I was horrified. I'm not fat. I'm not overweight, especially for my height, but my goodness, the pudge! The past couple weeks I've felt more pudgy but didn't really take too much notice. I am so busy running with the boys, taking care of the house, going to physical therapy a few times a week, that I spent very little time in front of a mirror. So, I didn't really see the pudge, even though I kinda felt it. 

So, after seeing yesterday's pictures I knew something had to be done. We don't pig out on junk food, but we aren't completely clean eaters, which if you follow regularly, you will know I couldn't handle the Whole 30 diet. My plan, for now, unless something better comes my way, is to have eggs for breakfast, a mid-morning piece of fruit, salad and some sort of meat on top (grilled chicken, lean meat), a light mid-afternoon snack, a healthier-choice dinner, sometimes with carbs, but a very limited amount. And I am debating my evening glass of chocolate milk. If I keep it, it won't be a large glass and it won't be every night (at least I hope not). And water, water, water!

I am not taking away all carbs, all sugars, all of anything. But instead I am trying to reduce as much as possible and eat as whole and clean as I can without making myself a mad-woman. I am also not taking away date lunch/dinner once a week with the Hubs. Just much wiser choices. I am not going to go crazy with it, and I am not going to kill myself with exercise. I am going to try to do my best to add some sort of exercise in though. Even if it is just jumping jacks at each set of commercials during a favorite evening show. It's better than nothing. 

I think I can stick to this plan. In fact, I know I can. I just hope I can see enough of a difference doing it this way. My goal is to do this until Christmas and then I am going to enjoy the festivities (within reason, of course) and when the parties are over, go back to eating as whole and clean as I can, until I reach my goal. I am not looking for a particular number, because it is not the number that is freaking me out. It's the look and feel I am going for… a bit less pudge! 

I doubt I will have any updates along the way, but instead just a post right before Christmas to let you know how it is going with a possible before and after, or part of the way there, picture. If you have any tips for quick and easy exercises or snacks and meals I can work in, please let me know!!! 

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  1. For me personally, the biggest thing to help with "pudge" is to cut out carbs--not totally, but basically eat the way a diabetic would. That's just ME, though, I'd never say it's the "only" way to lose pudge, because I know every person and every metabolism is different. Also, my stepdad used to be a personal trainer, and he gave me a personalized workout plan after Clare was born. In three weeks I started noticing a pretty significant difference! The best things on that plan were front planks, side planks, and some other core exercises. Let me know if you're interested; the workout was super easy to fit into my schedule (only about 25 minutes, plus a half hour walking each day), and targeted my "trouble spots" (aka "pudge"!)