Friday, November 15, 2013

Introducing Five Things Fridays

Sometimes I really want to blog, but don't have a specific thing to write about, so I am thinking of starting some Weekly topics, like Five Things Fridays. It may not be every week, but I'm going to give it a whirl. It may be five favorites, five memories, five quotes… just five of something. So here's my first five for ya'll!

If I had unlimited funds to do things with, more for others than myself, here are five fun things I would like to start doing!

1. Each year, preferably around Christmas, I would host a little party for my favorite ladies. We'd nibble on delicious treats and sip warm drinks, chat, listen to Christmas music and do something. Whether I have everything set to make our own wreathes, have all the wrapping, ribbon and embellishments to have a gift wrapping party, a cookie bake, whatever it may be, I'd have it all there, ready for everyone. And it would be the best choices for the best ladies!

2. Each year I would host a summer barbecue, with more than just burgers and hot dogs and a nice Christmas dinner, for our closest friends.

3. I would hold my own version of Oprah's Favorite things. I would pick my favorite things of the year and purchase each item for a few select ladies, whether it be my best friend, a family member or someone I know who would just really appreciate it!

4. I'd send a monthly surprise gift to a friend or family member. Not the same person each month. I would pick someone new each month to send something to… anonymously

and 5. I would take my family (both mine and the Hubs sides) - extended and all - on a family getaway. It would become a tradition and I know getting everyone together would be the biggest blast!

So, those are my top 5 things to do for loved ones if funds were unlimited… fun things of course. If the funds were unlimited I'd do some more serious things for those in need, but this is just keeping it on the light side… for today anyway. 

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