Friday, July 30, 2010

Autumn In NYC

I have been watching a little bit more of TV tonight than I would normally do, and a few of the shows were filmed in NY, which got me thinking…or rather, dreaming.  With this intense heat, and no where to escape to, I am finding myself dreaming of the cooler days of Autumn, my favorite time of the year.  I cannot wait to pull out my dark jeans and turtlenecks and wonderful scarves and cute coats… Oh how I love that time of the year.  And how I love that time of the year even more, when I get to travel back to the Northeast.  Living in the South has its perks for sure, but nothing beats the Northeast in the cooler months.  I am hoping to be back up there for some visits to stroll the streets of NYC, to visit family not only in NY, but MD and VA too.  That’s where home is for our family and I am looking forward to that time of the year.  Along with it will come the holidays, a time that I love.  Everything just seems better around the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The house smells better with all the extra cooking and baking coming from the kitchen.  The decorations get kicked up a notch… okay, or in our case, maybe 10 notches (for Christmas at least!).  The air is so fresh and crisp.  Everything is just so wonderful…and I can’t wait for it to arrive!  Come on cool weather!  With you, comes SO much beauty … and cute and cozy clothes too!

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