Wednesday, August 5, 2015

generation three is coming!

It all started with these two, decades ago. 

These two sweet ladies, Mare and Deb, were the best of friends for most of their lives. My sweet Aunt Mare (on the left) passed away after battling ALS and my precious Mom now lives with the memories they shared.

Almost thirty years ago, their friendship passed down to a new generation. My dear friend, Jillian (the cutie in the blue dress on the right), and I (the baby) have had a sweet and beautiful friendship, even stronger as we are adults, like our moms were.
 And now we are both married (to these cute guys, who are just as similar as Jilly and I are) and between us, baby five is on it's way! My sweet Jilly is having a baby GIRL! Our sweet Zelie and her sweet Baby F will now be able to have a whole new generation of love and friendship like their moms and grandmas.
I can't wait for her baby girl to get here so I can spoil her and love on her like her momma has done to all my kiddos.

Jilly and I live states apart and rarely get to see each other, but we keep in touch as best we can with the distance between us. She is so dear, so fun, such a pick-me-up to my bad days. She has a spirit just like her mom, so full of enthusiasm, joy and love! I know she will pass that to her little girl as well. She will be the best mom, because she had the best mom to show her how to love.

I can't wait for the years to come with our kiddos' (all of them) friendships growing like ours did.

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