Sunday, June 15, 2014

thankful for him

 When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of getting married and having a family of my own. As years passed, I realized how hard it was and how rare it was to not only meet a great guy, with strong faith and morals, but also one that would love the idea of having a bunch of kids as much as I did.

 Before the Hubs and I could really even consider ourselves friends, I saw how he meshed so well with children. He loved them and they loved him. It was something I always liked about him, even before I really liked him. 

When the right time came for both of us to move from being acquaintances to friends, we talked about kids a lot. Not our kids, but just kids in general. Since it is a big thing in both of our lives, they'd just come up in conversation some how.

 Then, as our friendship progressed to being more than just friends, I knew that one of the main things that drew me to him was his intense love of family and children and the desire to have a beautiful family of his own one day.

 Once we got engaged, I remember him saying how much he looked forward to having a family because kids add so much joy and fun to life. It wasn't long after we got married that I found out I was pregnant, with twins at that! Of course we were still trying to get in the groove of being married, but it was something we both were really happy about and excited to start! 

 I knew from all those previous years that he would be good with our kids, but I didn't know he'd be quite as good as he is! I think it helps that he has a very childlike heart so he can relate to the boys so easily.

 Our boys are so very blessed to have a dad that truly loves them and makes sacrifices in his life for their sake. He comes home from work each and every day with a smile and so much energy to share with them and the boys soak up each and every crazy moment! The fun with their Papi doesn't end until right before bed. You can really see the love they have for each other and that is something that makes my momma heart full!

 As a family we have made a choice for the Hubs to be the sole provider and the only one who works outside of the home. Even before we were married, or engaged, he told me he agreed and supported that I should stay home and provide the love in our home, rather than have someone else provide that while I worked, bringing in a dual income. Some moments it can be a real sacrifice for both of us to only live on one income.

 Beyond that, we agreed on the Hubs job. He could work elsewhere and make much more money, making life even easier and more comfortable, even luxurious, but that isn't what we thought was best for our family. He has a wonderful job with perks that are best for our family. He doesn't have to be at work at the crack of dawn, and can spend quality time each morning with the boys before getting ready for work. We live close enough that he is able to even see them on lunch breaks if we choose, so they get more Papi time many afternoons. We can pop in and say hello or bring him an afternoon treat while running errands. And he is home as soon as his work day is over around 5. Work doesn't consume his entire life, like many jobs seem to do. Many jobs have bad hours for a family or work that seems to flow into home life. And thankfully, his job, even when it does come home, is a blessing and not a bad thing. He does what he does so well and loves it and it is good for the boys to see that as well. He is present, fully present, while making sure our family is provided for.

 So while we could be bringing in a lot more money as a family, going on fancy trips like a lot of people we know, living in big houses, and living a bit easier, we make this work and we like how it works. I am so grateful to be married to a man that considers his family, monetarily but also at heart. Knowing money isn't the only way to provide. He is home being an example to the boys and that is what is most important to me. He does a fabulous job providing in each and every way for our family.

I know there are many tiring, trying, days raising these two little energetic boys that we have. We all have times when we feel our patience is ending, there is no time for ourselves or getting housework done, but you love well. You relieve me on the hardest of days and love on them even when you are tired.

Thank you for being every bit of you that you are! 

So on this Father's Day, your last one with just boys, I thank you for the love, the fun and the example you provide for our boys every day. 

You mesh so well with our two little boys, teaching them how to be master Lego builders, shoot hoops and race cars. Now I am waiting to see how sweet you are when Little Miss shows up and life includes dressing up, princesses and tea parties. I know you are going to excel in those areas with tender love for her!

And for those times when I am at my wits end because nothing I seem to have done all day makes the boys happy, and you walk in the door and it looks like you brought Disney World to them, thank you. Yes, it baffles me and frustrates me sometimes that when you walk in the door, in a blink, their tantrums stop and all is well with their world. But I am incredibly grateful it works that way and you bring that instant joy to their frustrated world.

You show strength and love each day and I love you for that. The boys love you for that and each and every future little one will too. We all love you and thank you for being the best Papi we could ever hope for!

Have a Happy Father's Day! Hope we are able to spoil you and love on you like you could only dream about! 

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