Monday, May 5, 2014

momma mondays: relief servies

Back in March, my birthday to be exact, my grandfather passed away after many, many months in and out of the hospital, suffering very much. After a few weeks past with my Mom living with my grandmother to help her out, my grandmother made the trip to my parents home and now lives with them. Unfortunately I have only been able to visit with her once since she has come down, but hopefully as she settles in and my life quiets down from the Hub's family visiting, we will have a lot more time together.

So needless to say, life has changed very much for my grandmother and my parents. It has also changed for me. Every week I could count on my parents aka my relief services, coming down for a day or two to visit and give me a helping hand. They'd help me run errands so I didn't have to go in and out of 10 places with two toddlers, help get some ironing done, etc. The things that were harder to do with two little boys that don't nap. Now that Nana is living with them, their time here can't be as much. They are only able to come down for a quick visit here and there. So, I am learning to adjust to being a SAHM with no extra hands.

Hopefully as she becomes more familiar with her new life in my parents home, they will be able to come more regularly to not only just help, but visit. To my readers who are a SAHM, do you have any sort of relief services? If not, what are your tricks to doing it all?

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