Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Couch Company

While I've been dealing with morning sickness, I spend most of my day on the couch. It gets old quickly. It's boring and lonely. But for the past week, I had company on the couch. Mami came for a visit and it was so enjoyable. Unfortunately, with me not feeling well, we couldn't do too much, but we enjoyed our couch time. She sat on one end, embroidering (she's working on a gorgeous white on white - with silk and linen - project!!) and I sat on the other, just resting, watching tv, on the internet… All while we both chatted. She was able to spend time working on her embroidery that she doesn't have while at home and I had lovely company, which is not normal to my days.

When people come to visit, I love to bake things to have for breakfast, serve them on nice dishes, have everything all nice and cook tasty dinners. Well, this time, I didn't do any of it. And it was eating me up inside. I really don't like the feeling of not loving on the people visiting, especially when it is Mami. I am really hoping that my morning sickness is completely gone for her next visit. And if not, I am going to have to slowly prepare things in advance so I don't have this awful I didn't take care of her feeling.

We did have such a great time with Mami here. We went out for fun meals... some breakfast, and a few for lunch and then a couple dinners. We went baby shopping, for cribs and registries. We hung out and spent time at the house. No matter what we do, just having her around is enjoyable and comforting. I miss her already and am counting down for her next trip.

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