Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sweet Potato Soup and Hearty Bread 352.365

 A friend shared a delicious soup recipe with me. I never really liked sweet potatoes, but after I had this at her home for lunch a few weeks back, they became a favorite of mine.
See the little pots from yesterday?
 Tomorrow is Mono's birthday and my parents are coming down to take him to one of his favorite restaurants to celebrate, so I wanted to make a nice dinner at home tonight. Nothing big, but made with love.
 Sweet potato soup (made completely from scratch - so much fun!) with a dollop of sour cream and sprinkled with cheddar cheese, along with a chunk of homemade, hearty bread.
Simple. Delish. Homemade.

47. a husband's birthday to celebrate, even before it arrives

48. sweet friends, who share their fabulous recipes

49. a quiet afternoon in the kitchen and all the smells that come from everything cooking and baking

50. crazy anticipation of giving my husband his birthday present

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