Saturday, December 10, 2011

Come Along While We Take Our Christmas Card Picture 344.365

While I won't be showing you our Christmas card in this post, I thought you might like to come along for the ride with us.
We drove around town a bit to see if would could find just the right spot.
There are so many unique little places around here. It was hard to choose a spot!
I loved capturing all uniqueness of this quaint town.
These berries growing along side this cement and brick building won me over!
Aren't the vines fabulous?! I can't imagine how gorgeous it is in the spring!

I really, really loved walking around taking pictures of anything and everything. It was a bit chilly and we had to get back home so we couldn't stay out too long. I will be going back to a few spots I found for sure. Wish I had someone to take pictures of for fun!

I really wanted to go in! Next time. It's such a sweet little spot. I'd love to just sit in the sun, on one of the chairs with a book, small drink and a nice piece of bread. Oh what loveliness!
Then we drove downtown a bit to see if we could find another area, and did we ever!
 Any place with brick buildings and cobblestone streets gets my vote.

 There are fantastic doors in this town. And the buildings are amazing. This is a forgotten city that has so much hidden life in it. I hope it comes to life one day very soon. It would truly be... amazing!

 Oh, and I just can't help myself but to share pictures from the boy. He wasn't too thrilled with getting his picture taken in the city, but when he came home, he didn't mind posing in his new birthday/Christmas sweater!

I will share our Christmas card and the pictures of us from today with you as soon as we get it and it is sent out to our family and friends. I don't want them to see it before they get the real thing.

My family has never taken Christmas card pictures before, but I do remember my Mom sending school pictures to certain people and my thought of doing this this year stemmed with thoughts of our grandparents. They always enjoy seeing recent pictures from us and this would be a sweet change for them.... and a nice picture for some other family members too! I'm not sure if this will be the start of a tradition or it will just be a first Christmas thing...

Does your family take a picture each year?

21. our little family to now take a picure of
22. family that drives an hour just to come have pizza with us
23. little places to discover and take pictures of
24. e-mails from friends
25. new blinds for our home

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